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Welcome to the Official-Like Worldwide Website of Tony Green, complete with stories, mostly true, and plenty of hunting and fishing photos, that are all true ! And the home of Green Creek Outdoors, the only place in the world where Catfish are caught on a Flyrod from a natural body of water !



"A One of a Kind Experience, Flyroding the Rock Walls!!!"

Pickwick Lake & the Tennessee River located on the Alabama, Mississippi,
& Tennessee bolders, has long been known as the smallmouth & catfish
capital of the South as well as one of the top lakes in the entire U.S.

The all time Bassmaster's tournament record of over 69 lbs. by one angler
was set here in 1998.  This lake also produces rod & reel catches of 15 to
40 lb. catfish on a regular basis.  Consistent catches of 30 to 100 catfish
per day ranging from 2 to 10 lb. can be expected during the spring months.

Flyroding for Catfish during the spring spawn yields catches of 20 to 50 fish
per day ranging from 2 to 8 lbs/each are common from late April until early-June.


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bulletSpring crappie fishing:  Feb. - April,   Primetime is usually March.
bulletSpring catfishing:  late Apr. - early June,   Primetime is usually May.
bulletSummertime pattern fishing for crappie, catfish, & bream:  mid-June - Sept.